LDPE bags

Printed and plain options in a variety of sizes and strengths to suit all applications

Stocked range includes LDPE Natural sizes;

100mm x 150mm / 100um

125mm x 175mm / 38um

150mm x 200mm / 75um

150mm x 225mm / 38um

150mm x 250mm / 38um

150mm x 250mm / 75um

150mm x 300mm / 75um

200mm x 250mm / 38um

200mm x 250mm / 75um

200mm x 300mm / 100um

200mm x 300mm / 38um

200mm x 300mm / 75um

200mm x 420mm / 38um

225mm x 375mm / 50um

250mm x 300mm / 38um

250mm x 300mm / 75um

250mm x 305mm / 100um

250mm x 350mm / 75um

250mm x 400mm / 38um

250mm x 460mm / 100um

260mm x 400mm / 100um

300mm x 400mm / 38um

300mm x 400mm / 50um

300mm x 450mm / 38um

300mm x 450mm / 50um

300mm x 450mm / 75um

300mm x 500mm / 38um

300mm x 500mm / 50um

300mm x 600mm / 100um

350mm x 450mm / 30um

350mm x 450mm / 38um

350mm x 475mm / 75um

350mm x 500mm / 38um

375mm x 600mm / 100um

400mm x 550mm / 38um

450mm x 600mm / 38um

450mm x 750mm / 100um

450mm x 800mm / 38um

460mm x 610mm / 100um

470mm x 870mm / 40um

600mm x 1000mm / 38um

600mm x 900mm / 75um

610mm x 910mm / 100um

760mm x 1050mm / 75um

900mm x 1200mm / 50um


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